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In this section, we would like for you to share your experiences with Fonville. Tell us your story. Did Fonville photograph you or take your wedding photos? Are you an LSU beauty that Fonville photographed?


Fonville was a Pilot, Bicyclist, Cook and mushroom collector among other things. Maybe you flew with him or partied with him. We sure wish you would share your stories with us.


Fonville had a certain style of photographing Louisiana's People and Places and if you or a family member were in any of them or you know anything about the image, we would love to hear about it.

Name: Jocelyn GauthreauxDate: 8/22/2012

My parents Joe & Miriam Myhand of Addis,met Fonville at a wedding in Plaquemine,in August 1956 or 1957. On his return trip to Baton Rouge that evening, he had car trouble in Addis. The house he knocked on was my parents.

They became friends, one night Fonville and my Dad was going to eat in back Brusly, and Fonville made a left turn at a green light, and was hit by a car going thru the signal. My Dad was sent to the hospital.

When I married in Nov 1957, Fonville took my engagement picture. 

In 1961 he came to Addis to take a picture of all the Myhand family on the back porch. It is a classic, all 8 children, and Joe & Miriam.
After his book came out, my daughter-in-law bought it as a gift to me - she was not aware we knew the man.

Nice job - keeping up his work!

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Name: Juanita Ruth One nee "Gadget" HusonDate: 8/17/2012

Fonville and his wife Helen were two of my parents' (Roland and Malva Huson) closest friends from the days when Fonville and Malva dated at LSU. My father was also a pilot and I believe that he, Fonville and Mom all served in the Civil Air Patrol together.

Fonville took my engagement photo and photographed my wedding. Later I had the dramatic b&w bridal profile (in comb and mantilla) painted, not as a bride but, in red dress and beige mantilla, as "La Española". 

When I moved to Ecuador, the painting and the wedding album came with me, as did my most precious Fonville creation. He had photographed me as a baby and created a five-photo pocket-size leather "grandpa's pride album" for my father. Then, when my first daughter came along, he photographed her, too, and added her five photos to the back side of the accordion pages therein. Truly a treasure!

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Name: Bill AucoinDate: 8/11/2012

As a kid, I remember Fonville taking my dad and I for a plane ride. Wilson Aucoin, my dad, was Fonville's darkroom man. At one point, Fonville tilted the plane to point to his house on the ground. Needless to say, it was a pretty scarry moment since this was my first time to be in a plane.

One thing that stands out in my mind is the beautiful coloring of photographs by Fonvlille's wife Helen.

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Name: Fonville (Beau) WinansDate: 8/9/2012

When I was around 15 or so, one of the coolest things I remember about Pawpaw was…. He had been watching TV for some time and I noticed that there was no audio. I wanted to see what he was really doing or was he just thinking or reading a book. So me, Mr. Curious, popped in and ask “Hey Pawpaw, whatcha doin? Why is the volume off?” “I’m just watching the pictures, Beaude.” So we chatted a moment, then I walked out scratching my head at the concept of “just watching pictures”???

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Name: Smiley AndersDate: 8/9/2012

Fonville, as you know, was an iconic figure here. When I worked for the Chamber near his office, I edited a monthly publication, and we ran board members photos when they were elected. I would hear them say they had to go get "Fonvilled" for my publication.

When your name becomes a verb, you've really made it......Smiley

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